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How to Dry-Age Mutton at Home

how to dry-age your own leg of mutton at home. As lamb are small, Chef recommends mutton, which have larger legs that will give a better yield.
Prep Time5 mins
Aging time30 d
Keyword: dry aging, Mutton




  • Thaw the mutton leg (if frozen) completely, then remove from the package and pat dry very well.
  • Put the leg of mutton in the UMAi bag, then seal one of the corners at a 45 degree angle as shown in the video.
  • Put the vac mouse in the opening and seal the bag as well as you can. A perfect vacuum seal is not necessary.


  • Leave the meat in the bag in the refrigerator (not a mini-fridge) resting on a rack or somehow propped up to allow air-flow, turning occasionally to ensure even evaporation.
    dry aging mutton leg in a bag
  • Leave the meat in the bag for 30 days.
    how to dry age grass fed mutton

Trimming and enjoying

  • After thirty days, trim the leg of the dried meat, which you can roast and save it to add to stock if you like.
    trimming the pellicle from a dry aged mutton leg
  • From here you can roast the leg whole for a special occasion, or cut it into small roasts as pictured, vacuum seal, and freeze.
    trimmed dry aged mutton