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Lamb Achilles Joint with Tendon

The achilles joint with tendon is frequently used in making high nutrient bone broth and stock. Simmer the joint and tendon on the stove top for up to 7 hours if you have the time. This will  create an ultra rich broth bursting with gelatin and collagen. May be staining and require some cleaning. 100% Grass Fed.

Sold 3 to 4 to a pack at approximately 1 lb. 

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NEXT SHIP DATES ARE OCT 4 & 5 FOR DELIVERY OCT 6 TO 8. Please be aware that systems from processing to delivery are currently slow and delays have occurred. Check your email or spam for Fedex delivery updates.  If you have different requirements or in crisis let us know. We will try to accommodate. Special requests may require additional time and cost.

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