Grass-Fed Lamb Kebobs

Lamb kebobs grass fed

Spiced, smokey-grilled and satisfying, lamb kebobs are always a crowd-pleaser. Our kebob recipe from Chef Ben Spangler is not your ordinary kebob though. Chef reccomends grinding the meat fresh, using shoulder or stew meat, and a good amount of lamb belly to ensure a juicy, tender kebob.

No meat grinder at home? Don’t worry, if you don’t have access to a meat grinder, you can get a similar result using our grass-fed ground lamb or ground goat. Once the meat is ground, chef adds a number of seasonings: spicy harissa paste, roasted chopped bell peppers, fresh herbs and spices, then forms them into lengths that get put on a beautiful metal skewer. If metal skewers aren’t available though, you could easily use long wooden skewers soaked in water to prevent them from burning.

Ingredients for lamb kebobs


After the skewers are cooked, the meat is removed and served on top of warm pita bread, with mashed chickpeas and roasted vegetables.

Chef Ben Spangler.

This recipe is by chef Ben Spangler. Hailing from Minnesota, Ben draws from his Midwestern roots to create dishes that are unpretentious and delicious. Ben has competed on national television for the Food Network and appeared on local Minneapolis food networks. He is currently working on a new ice cream concept in Minneapolis.

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Grass-Fed Lamb Kabobs

Yield: serves 4-6 as an entrée
Prep Time25 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Course: Appetizer, Main Course
Cuisine: Middle Eastern


  • Meat Grinder (optional)


  • 2 lbs        Diced Lamb or Ground Lamb
  • 8 oz          Lamb Belly
  • 2           Dry oregano
  • 2           Minced garlic
  • 4 oz         Harissa paste
  • 2 oz         Sun dried tomatoes
  • 5 oz         Minced roasted red peppers
  • 1          Dried thyme
  • 1/2       Crushed red pepper flakes
  • 11 grams salt or roughly 1 scant Tablespoon


  • If using fresh meat, before you start cutting,  place the meat grinder in the freezer. Slice meat into 1” cubes or  long strips and freeze, allowing it to become almost frozen, nut not completely, then process through large die of the meat grinder.
  • Once the meat has been ground, chef recommends grinding it a second time to achieve a finer grind.
  • Take the meat and place in a stand mixer with a paddle and mix for 45 seconds--it should be slightly sticky and cling to your hand when you squeeze it. Season with salt to taste or, take the weight of the meat in grams and multiply by .009-.01, which will give you .9-1% salt, which Chef recommends for seasoning large batches of meat in restaurants. After the meat is mixed and seasoned, it will form better if left for 12 hours in the fridge.
  • Soak half of the dried tomatoes in harissa for 1 hr.
  • Mix the ground lamb meat with the oregano, garlic, red peppers, thyme, chili flake and soaked tomatoes, then form the meat into tightly-packed lengths on skewers.
  • When grilling, be sure to slow cook with low flame. Fire will char meat immediately if too close, so allow the kabobs to slow cook until an internal temperature of 135F, which will will carry to 140F
  • To serve, heat up some naan or pita bread on flat top, skillet or toaster, then spread with hummus or crushes chickpeas and serve with roasted veggies of your choice. Chef recommends charred tomatoes and peppers, but just says you should use whatever you have available.