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Special Dogs,
Special Diets

Your Dog’s Diet Matters

All natural dog treats are the best way to give your dog a special treat. Our dogs are our best friends, family members, workers, guardians, smile bringers and so much more. It’s natural you want to feed your dog the very best. That’s why we offer natural dog treats and food. A diet of natural, grass fed meat and raw bones offers your dog a range of potential benefits. Please consult your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet.

Grass Fed Goodness

Special dogs require special diets to help them stay fit, healthy, and full of energy. Grass fed lamb and goat meat from Shepherd Song Farm offer your dog a natural, grain-free alternative to standard kibble. Your dog’s diet could include raw or cooked ground meats, stew meats, organ meats, and raw whole bones.

Give A Dog A Bone

Raw bones are a great source of nutrition for your best friend. Plus, they help keep his teeth clean and they satisfy his natural craving to chew. Grass fed lamb necks are a great option for dogs over 6 months old.


Food For Hardworking Dogs

Dogs play an important role on our farm, protecting our sheep and goat flocks like they would their own families. Whether your dog protects your family, helps a person with disabilities or serves on the police force, we want to help you feed her the very best.

Dog Treat Recipes

We’ve created and tested dog food recipes that your furry friend will love. They’re so good, you might be tempted to try them yourself!


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