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Chef Sarah Master Barbette restaurantTry our Occo Bucco shanks and dish by Chef Jes WerkmeisterRack of LambLamb Loin RoastGround Lamb PizzaNew Year's Eve lamb rib chops by Chef Mike Zinser - Bacio restaurantRoast Lamb
Lamb Half Shank, Lucia Restaurant. Photo by Chef Alan Bergo
Chef Sarah Master – Barbette Restaurant
Occo Bucco shanks by Chef Jes Werkmeister
Chef Jesse Spitzack at Shepherd Song Farm grill
Lamb Roast by Chef Peter Thillen- In Season Restaurant
Get Creative with Shepherd Song Farm Ground Lamb
New Year’s Eve lamb rib chops by Chef Mike Zinser – Bacio restaurant
Chef Jason Gibbons – Zelo restaurant

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Taste the difference in each of our cuts of 100% grass fed lamb and goat meat. Our animals are raised within their natural social groups on clover pastures supplemented with wild grasses, herbs and tender alfalfa. Their ability to express their natural instinctive behaviors in a low stress environment results in lean and flavorful meat, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and beta-carotene. You will find this the healthiest and most delicious lamb and goat meat you have ever tasted.

          100% Grass Fed Lamb & Goat

Grass fed lamb and goat production is our passion.

We raise lambs and goats traditionally, humanely, and sustainably.


Whether you’re looking for the the highest quality grass fed lamb chops for your daily dinner table, a decadent rack of lamb for a summer barbecue, or a flavorful leg of goat for a special holiday celebration, Shepherd Song Farm offers unbeatable quality at the right price. We also offer artisan goat and sheep cheeses made with pasteurized 100% Wisconsin sheep and goat milk. You’ll taste the difference in every delicious bite. Learn more about us.