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100% Grass Fed

Lamb Osso Bucco Shank. Chef Jesse Werkmeister


Goat Double Rib Chops. Chef Ben Spangler

Eat Wild

Leg of Lamb. Chef Ben Spangler


Lamb Loin Chops on Grill. Dinner on the Farm

Grass to Table

Lamb Rack of Lamb Chops, Zelo Restaurant. Chef Jason Gibbons


Lamb Herbed Loin. Chef Ben Spangler

Grass Fed is Our Passion

From our small farm in Northwest Wisconsin, we raise lambs and goats traditionally, humanely, and sustainably. Our 100% grass fed USDA lamb and goat meat is not only the healthiest and most delicious lamb and goat meat you will ever taste, our stringent standards also ensure it’s better for the animals and the environment.

Grass to Table

Taste the difference in each of our cuts of 100% grass fed lamb and goat meat. Our animals are raised within their natural social groups on clover pastures supplemented with wild grasses, herbs and tender alfalfa. Their ability to express their natural instinctive behaviors in a low stress environment results in lean and flavorful meat, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and beta-carotene. You will find this the healthiest and most delicious lamb and goat meat you have ever tasted.

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Our Story

Taste the Difference

Whether you’re looking for the the highest quality grass fed lamb chops for your daily dinner table, a decadent rack of lamb for a summer barbecue, or a flavorful leg of goat for a special holiday celebration, you’ll savor every delicious bite of our 100% grass fed meats.

Special Dogs, Special Diets

You want your dog to have the best nutrition. A diet of raw or cooked grass fed meats may be just what your best friend needs.

- Global Shepherds -

During the last few years, a significant part of our learning has involved volunteer assignments in Africa through our Common Pastures Farmer-to-Farmer Project.

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Put Sustainability On Your Menu

We partner with chefs, caterers, and student chefs.

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Special Events

Eat Wild

The perfect compliment to your grass fed dinner.